Saturday, November 1, 2008

After Thanksgiving Rule=Stress

I know many of you have the "can't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving" rule. Well, while I think this rule is great for some reasons, like not looking tacky to your neighbors, and so that you don't forget about Thanksgiving altogether. I do think there are ways you can begin to decorate a bit with out people noticing.

The best thing to do for some of us would probably be to just scale back our decorating, but we all know we are not going to do that!

I will start today-but no one but my husband will know!

Tricks you can pull to get a jump start on the holiday work load without people knowing!

1.Wrap all of your gifts NOW!

You can hide them in the closet, under the bed, wherever people won't see them. Just get them wrapped! Imagine, the day you put up the Christmas tree, you can put all of your gifts under it that same day-this is a great feeling!

2.Wash your holiday dishes and put them in the cupboard.
You don't have to use them yet. Just have them ready for the day after Thanksgiving.

3.Wash holiday linens and have them on stand by.
This includes all linens for your dining room, kitchen towels, bathroom towels, etc. Get them all ready to go.

4.Have all of your Christmas music in 1 place.
Make sure all of your Christmas cds are ready to go, your ipod is fully stocked, and that your car is stocked too!

5.Once all of these things are done-you can begin decorating in rooms that only your guests will see.
I am hosting Thanksgiving, but I know that no one will be in our guest rooms. I am going to go ahead and decorate them for Christmas.

Getting little things done now, will greatly help you alleviate stress later! So forget your little "rule" and get started!


Susie said...

Those are great suggestions:-)

Linda said...

We are so much alike in those getting ready ways. I wrap my gifts as soon as I get them and I use a sticky note on them with the name of the person who gets it AND what it is. No bows yet - that way they can stack easily without worry about the bows.

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

Love your blog! Will be adding you to my Favorite Blogs. Hope you enjoy mine and will do the same!