Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Cleaning Challenge & Over 300 Tricker Treaters!

I am following along-desperately trying to keep up-with and her fall cleaning challenge. You can check out her blog for the full cleaning lists. This isn't beginner stuff!

So this weekend I finished the following off of the list:

Day 1 - Conquering the Kitchen

Make sure daily is done:
- Clear off all counter tops
- Load dishwasher
- Handwash any dishes needed
- Wipe down sink
- Wipe down stovetop-did not do!
- Wipe down all the counters
- Swiffer the floor

- Take everything out of the pantry.-skipped this
- Wipe down shelves.-skipped this too!
- Toss old items and donate unused good items.
- Repackage all messy items into nice containers.-already did last week :)
- Place all items back into the pantry in an organized fashion.-ditto previous info

- Take everything out of the fridge and freezer (placing items in a cooler with all the remaining ice.
- Scrub down the inside and outside of the fridge, shelves, doors, ice maker and freezer.
- Replace water filter if you have one.-has to be ordered
- Clean fridge condenser coil.-didn't do this
- Toss old or useless food.
- Place everything back into fridge in an organized fashion.

- Take ALLL your items out of all your cabinets and drawers. Yes... ALL!-skipped
- Wipe down the inside of all cabinets and drawers.-skipped cabinets but finished drawers
- Wipe down the inside of all containers such as utensil holders.
- Store items not used in over 6 months, or summer seasonal items.
- Thinking logically (ie - potholders next to stove, towels next to sink), try to put everything back in a more useful and purposeful place, and in an organized fashion.
- Scrub down the cupboard exteriors, from to of the kitchen to bottom.

Day 2 - Conquering the Kitchen

All Those Appliances:-Replace water filters in sink, coffeemaker etc.
-Descale coffee maker (run through white vinegar and then 2-3 more cycles of just water)
-Polish all appliances-not yet
-Clean out microwave and vent-didn't clean out microwave, but I finished the vent!
-Clean out/replace stove hood filter-too new to need to be done!
-Self clean or scrub out stove-perfectly clean!
-Clean drain (baking soda, vinegar, cover, sit, then add boiling water to wash it down)

Make it Shine:
-Shine sink (Bon Ami, then Windex)
-Dust from top of kitchen to bottom
-Clean that fan or light fixture
-Scrub windows (yes...even that awful interior seal)
-Wash the dish rack, sink liner, and/or drain stoppers
-Scrub tile grout (yeah, I said it!)
-Clean and disinfect inside of trash can-forgot this one
-Vacuum and scrub/mop floor-I also cleaned the rugs with the carpet cleaner!

I also cleaned the couch and 2 chairs in the parlor with the upholstery attachments on my carpet cleaner, cleaned the entry rug and hallway rug with it too! I dusted the parlor & cleaned the throws.

In the dining room I cleaned-razor blade clean-the mirror, polished the table, dusted, and cleaned all the linens.

I also did a few loads of laundry. All while having over 300 tricker treaters and a few guests over Friday night-WHAT A WEEKEND!


Karen said...

I am participating in the cleaning challenge too! I am three days behind so I need to get cracking. Good luck with yours!

Susie said...

I am not participating in the challenge but they all sound like great things to do to keep your kitchen running smoothly and in a healthy way:-)

salmagundi said...

I'm worn out just following all of your hard work. When you get older, you have to spread this out a bit!! BUT, I do try to keep a clean house - just at a slower rate. Take care, Sally

Stacey said...

Oh my. I am going there now to print it all out. I actually enjoy cleaning but certain jobs listed there rarely get done.