Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Novemeber-what I am doing tonight to prepare for the holidays!

Today is Wednesday which means we will not be going to the gym (the YMCA closes early on Wednesday's). This leaves me a few precious hours open for prep time!

Tonight's To-Do's:

Finish Christmas Cards
- I stopped by the church today to pick up an updated member directory, the only cards that aren't finished are the ones going to fellow church members. These will be finished tonight and will be ready to mail out on the 26'th-this ensures that most people will receive them the day after Thanksgiving.

Plan Thanksgiving Menu
-I have printed out the Holiday Menu Planner from and I am ready to go! I have ordered the ham-so there is one more check! I will go though the holiday menu planner and schedule myself for all of the items I know I will make. Then I will leave all the other items blank for invited guests. When I start inviting guests and they ask, "What can I bring?", as they always do, I can be prepared!

Organize Holiday Recipes-
I weeded through all of my recipes last night. (I have a bad habit of printing a recipe and then just putting it in the recipe drawer without organizing it.) Getting all of my recipes in order will save time, and the ever present "freak out" when I can't find the recipe I need, will hopefully be non-present!

Clean Christmas Linens- I am going to get out all of my Christmas linens and wash, dry, and fold them all! This way they will already be ready to go for the day after Thanksgiving-don't forget you can do several of these "prep" things for Christmas now, this will make decorating all that much quicker, easier, and best of all less stressful!

Follow Hyper Homemaker's Fall Cleanup Challenge- Soon she will post tonight's assignments. (she is having a bit of technical difficulties right now)

This should be enough for tonight!

Only have 5 minutes? Take these 5 minutes and buy your holiday stamps. You can buy them online, at the post office, or even at the grocery store when you check out! Buying these early will keep you prepared for the next time you have just 5 minutes!


April said...

Girl, I am loving all of your tips!!

BRAT girl said...

Great tips! Thanks! I love the direction you're going with your blog! It's so helpful!

*I tagged you on my blog. Check it out if you're interested! :)

Susie said...

Those are all great tips. I have my Thanksgiving menu already planned:-)

Carrie said...

Very helpful hints..I'll be using some of these. thanks!

Happy To Be said...

GM miss here from California and so glad you came by and told me what "putting on the dog" meant another saying to add to my list.. Thanks..hugs and smiles Gloria