Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanksgiving Is Coming Early!

Because of our busy schedule and my mother's busy schedule our TN Thanksgiving is going to be on November 15th! This date was just decided!

(I call it TN Thanksgiving because we go to Ohio on Thanksgiving to celebrate with my in-laws)

So now I have about a week and a half to finish getting ready!

It's time for a game plan!

Call all guests (no time for invitations)
Set-up buffet table in dining room
Set-up round table in parlor w/chairs
Finalize menu

Calling Guests-

Follow up-The date may change, I will find out tonight at around 8 o'clock! If it changes, well, TN Thanksgiving may have to be on a Friday night! Stupid busy schedules! When calling guests make sure and set a time that will work for everyone. My stepdad is diabetic so we have to make sure we eat on a schedule, some of my TN in-laws are always late-so this year we are setting the time at 5:00. This is all in hopes that we can eat by 6:00!

Buffet Table-

I have to take home a 6ft folding table from work. (Thankfully my work has tons of tables and chairs that I can use for free!) Don't have space for all the food? Don't want the dining room table to be covered and not have room for people to breathe? I put a 6ft folding table in my dining room along the wall for big parties. This works out great for us as it provides buffet style without having furniture there year round. These can be rented for as little as $5 a day! Well worth it if you ask me!

Round Table-
Also borrowing a folding round table for the parlor and 8 folding chairs. All of my linens are washed-except for chair covers. I 'think' I packed them up with Christmas, why oh why did I do this. I didn't find them yesterday when I got out all of the Christmas linens and washed them. Time for a basement scavenger hunt!

Don't forget to place food, appetizers and such throughout your home, this will encourage mingling. Also, if you have a dining room that comfortably seats 8-10, don't force 15 people in there! Set up another table in another nearby room. This will keep everyone nice and comfortable.

Finalize Menu-
Pumpkin Fluff w/ Graham Crackers-Brett
Ham Ball w/Crackers-Brett

Main Dish-
Turkey-Brett-call & order

Cranberry Salad-Mom

Side Dish-
Frozen Cranberry Salad-Brett
Mac & Cheese-Mom
Mashed Potatoes-Mom



Cranberry Romaine Salad-Brett

Pumpkin Upside Down Cake-Brett

Sweet Tea (we are in the south)
Soft Drinks-Brett
Spiced Apple Cider-Brett

Alot to do today!

One final tip-DELEGATE! Don't try and do it all yourself! It is simply too much for one person to do without letting it run all over them. Your family and friends can help. When that ask what they can bring, be armed with what you need!


Susie said...

We also have an early Thanksgiving for my older daughter who spends the actual holiday with her dad.

That is a great checklist. I am well on my way and it looks like you are too:-)

Shelia said...

Honey, make room for one more! I can see why your named your blog - the hostess with the mostess! You've got it!
Be a sweetie and thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Happy To Be said...

Girl you wear me out just reading all your lists but the food sounds a place for me at the table..Hugs and smiles Gloria

April said...

What a great check list!! Now, you have to share the recipe for the pumpkin upside down cake!

Anonymous said...

Great tips!!

playsdolls said...

Your blog is so great,you seem to have everthing planned to a tee.I wish I could get things that organized around my house.We are having Thanksgiving with husbands family on the 15th also.That is what happens when you have two families to celebrate Thanksgiving with.