Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Recap-Another Recipe-Weekly Prep List

Weekend Recap

This weekend was fairly productive at our house.
  • I cleaned up my craft table which requires alot more than just "cleaning". I wrapped the 10 or so gifts that were waiting for me, organized all that ribbon, bagged up donate items, and packed up Thanksgiving gifts.
  • Went through my closet. I bagged up all the clothes I no longer need or want. Quick Tip-at the beginning of each season turn all of your coat hangers around backwards. This way, at the end of the season you can easily tell what you have worn and what you haven't!
  • Put out more Christmas decorations upstairs.
  • Made my Thanksgiving dinner action plan.
  • Went through magazines. This happens every few months, I sit down with my husband and we go through all of our magazines and say "keep" or "toss". Quick Tip-going through your magazines in November will save room for all of those magazines and catalogs we all get bombarded with during the holidays!
Ham Ball Recipe

We have served this for most holidays for most of my life. My mother always made this and since I love cream cheese so much-it has become a staple in our home as well.

2 8oz packages of cream cheese
1 T worcestershire sauce
1/4 t garlic salt
2 packages of sliced ham

Chop ham fine. Mix cream cheese, garlic salt, worcestershire sauce, and 1/2 of ham. Form a ball. Cover ball with second 1/2 of ham. Refrigerate until you serve!

This recipe is super easy and it always gets gone!

Weekly Prep List

Here is my action plan for Thanksgiving! (I am hosting Thanksgiving this Friday night)
  • Monday
    • clean entire upstairs (mega clean was just a few weeks ago-so this should just be a good basic cleaning)
    • finish Christmas decorating upstairs
    • finish organizing office (this is my husbands space and always needs a little extra help before company comes)
  • Tuesday
    • clean entire downstairs (mega clean was just a few weeks ago-so this should just be a good basic cleaning)
    • clean dining room table & parlor table
    • set the tables with linens, chargers, centerpieces, & salt and pepper shakers
    • make tent cards with all menu items. I use place cards for this. Quick Tip-having the name of what is what will ward of alot of questions-leaving you to enjoy the meal with everyone else!
  • Wednesday
    • make apple pie & pumpkin upside down cake
    • set out all serving dishes with serving utensils
    • set up dessert area with dessert plates, napkins, and utensils
  • Thursday
    • make pumpkin fluff, ham ball, & romaine salad
    • mop floors downstairs
    • a quick clean of the bathrooms
  • Friday
    • make ham, stuffing, & gravy
    • serve & enjoy!
Wow! I am so excited about Thanksgiving!

Check back tomorrow for a list of my full menu. I am so proud of my delegating!


Terri and Bob said...

I love how organized you are. I plan to try those ham balls. Do you serve them with a sauce or do you just eat them as is?

salmagundi said...

Wish I was young again and had your energy! I remember when I was first married, I would plan like you do with lists, etc. Now, with more experience, I just go with the flow and do it! Happy Thanksgiving week. Sally

Manic Monday said...

you are a kindred spirit with the organizing. lol. i saw your comment on the fall challenge~where you said you are more an organizer than a cleaner. i very much agree. sadly cleaning has to be done, too. anyway, nice to meet you!

Bo said...

Oh my you are a bundle of get up & go! Haha...My want to is more active than my do-er these days...
;-) Bo

beckygiggles said...

Yum, anything with ham and cream cheese is a hit. Have you even had those pickle, cream cheese, ham roll things?

Anonymous said...

I love the "turn the hangers around backward" tip! What a great idea. I go through my closet each season and purge, so this will definately help me! You are so organized!