Monday, October 20, 2008

Time to stock up!

Fall is here and that means holidays are right around the corner. Which means lots of baking and lots of trips to the grocery store to buy all of those ingredients you only use this time of year. These trips can get really pricey. Start now buying those little things you know you'll need instead of waiting until the last minute when your already broke from the holidays.

Tonight I got pumpkin pie spice and a large bag of sugar. A small addition to the cost of my groceries.

Other items I will begin buying:
canned cream
powdered sugar
cocoa powder
shortening sticks
stick butter
cool whip

Double Check to make sure you have enough pans, cookie sheets, etc. The last thing you want is to get ready to make your scrumptious special cookies and realize you left your best cookie sheet and Aunt Bertha's!

Not only will double checking your kitchen pantry help you spread out the cost of the holidays, but it will keep you prepared for when your husband comes home and says, "my staff party is tonight, you have something to bring right?"


Anonymous said...

Love stocking up. I do a lot of hosting, etc, so I always get my baking items at Sam's/Costco. MUCH better prices and you really go through it by the holidays. GL!

salmagundi said...

This is something I do every year for Christmas starting at about now. You are so smart at your age - I was much older when I figured some of these things out!!! Now, I'm a huge fan of planning ahead. Sally

April said...

I completely agree with stocking up. I was just thinking this week, that I need to make a list and start stocking.