Friday, October 24, 2008

Follow These Tips To Never Be Unprepared for Guests Again!

Are you ever afraid that people will just "pop" in on you? Do you always wait to clean the house until company comes over? Do you have friends and family that will just show up or call on their way? I think we all have these times and these people in our lives. Here are a few tips to live by to make sure you don't pull your hair out before your guests arrive!

1. Don't wait to clean until you have company
This sets a precedence that you only clean for your company. I have done this before, in fact, this used to be my "schedule". I would tell my husband that we should have people over more often because I would always clean for them. Well, this not only didn't make my husband happy, only cleaning for others, but it stressed me out. I would do a mad dash cleaning the whole house until they arrived-which left me sweaty, tired, and stressed.

2. Leave unused rooms "ready"
Everyone has rooms that aren't used daily. These rooms are set aside for your guests. I find that alot of people use these rooms as "catch alls". This causes unneeded stress. Having those formal living rooms and guest rooms ready, clean sheets, made beds, towels on the dresser, etc. will ensure that part of your home, the part your guests will use most, is ready at the drop of a hat.

3. Make a schedule
In our house we clean the bathrooms and floors once a week. We clean the kitchen and make our beds daily. Having a schedule reassures me in those freak out moments where I think, "our house is dirty and company is coming". With a schedule, I know when I cleaned what.

4. Leave a room like you found it
When we watch tv in our living room there are always pillows on the floor, throw blankets laying around, the laptop on the ottoman, drinks on the end tables,etc. If we take a minute to put everything back where it goes when we leave, we are not only ready for company, but we feel better. I find if I walk into a room that's a mess, it doesn't leave me with a good feeling but rather with a stressed one. These couple minutes will make you a happier, more prepared person.

5. Stock staple items
My husband and I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning. My in-laws like bagels, toast, english muffins, eggs,-a real breakfast. I make sure I always have muffin mix, extra cereal, lunch meat, crackers,jams, jellies, and of course apple butter. I also make sure I have extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Knowing I have food and whatever my guests may need reassures me that I am prepared and that it is no big deal for guests to show up unannounced! This also alleviates those mad dashes to the store when you are already short on time.

6. Follow the 15min rule
Never have more than 15min worth of work undone. Now this doesn't include the dusting the baseboards, washing windows, etc. It includes the things that most people would see or catch, kitchen counter tops, clutter in the hallway, etc. With most guests you will get 15 minutes warning, with some you won't even get 15 seconds! We have had several guests in the last month and with some we had a day's notice, some came a day early, some came a day late, and then some just "popped" in unannounced.

7. Enjoy your guests!
Realize that you are lucky enough to have people that love you in your life and that want to come and stay with you-not everyone is so fortunate!


Melissa said...

Nice Blog!

Paula Constable said...

Love your tips. Just in time for the Holidays. Schedules and routines are my favorite!

Neat blog!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Great tips! How did you get so wise, so young? LOL

Thansk for the comment...the mummy dogs are delish & even appeal to adults w/ the dipping sauces.

Amber and Scott said...

I TOTALLY agree with this entire post! I was actually going to post one like it! I just stopped by today and am loving your blog. I will add to my list of fav's!