Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday-CLR the tub-and everything else that has to get done!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

The task today is to CLR your tub!

We have had guests for over a week now. They left this morning-so sheets, towels, and our laundry is yet to be done.

Tonights List
  • take clean sheets out of dryer and make blue room and yellow room beds
  • dry load of towels and put up
  • wash load of our darks
  • CLR the tub
If I get everything done I will be so happy. What is some motivation? Anything good come on tv on Tuesday night? We shall see!

Good news, I made a HUGE pot of chicken noodle soup for dinner yesterday so we can just have leftovers tonight-this leaves extra time for my "motivation", whatever that is going to be, LOL.

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