Thursday, October 16, 2008

My first post!

So here goes, my first post.

The past week has been filled with pre-holiday planning. I wanted to get out all of our Christmas gifts and do a final inventory and box everything up. This way we new where we were at and what we still needed to get. I decided before I put everything up I would go ahead and wrap it all and get that done. So, all of our gifts are finally boxed, wrapped, and inventoried. My goal this year-to finish all holiday gift shopping on the day after thanksgiving.

My goal is very doable. Now, our Christmas list is by far the largest Christmas list I have ever seen. We both have large families full of divorces, new marriages, and lots of children. Our list will continue to grow. So having all we have done is quite an accomplishment. I will share after Christmas our budget and the amount of people on our list.

Now, a few tips that help me.
1.Start early!
We start Christmas shopping the day after Christmas. You can get the best deals this way.
2.Inventory what you have bought.
This is such a huge help. This also comes in handy when you forgot about a birthday gift and
you can just get something from your stash.
3.Box it up!
When you buy something, go ahead and box it up with tissue and all. Boxes are much easier to
stack and store. This will also protect your gifts. The time this saves is well worth the time it
takes. Don't forget to label the box! (post-its or even write their name on the box)
4.Make a list.
Always carry a list with you of who still needs what. As Christmas nears you will have people
on your list that you no longer need to buy for. This helps you not buy something you don't
need and tells you exactly what you do need.

I hope you enjoyed my first post! Please subscribe and comment! I am quite needy :)


Megs said...

I'm a super organizer as well. I plan, detail, make lists... but, man! You put me to shame! Congrats for you for getting so much done already!

Stacey said...

Great first post. That reminded me that I haven't even started to think about Christmas shopping yet. I guess thats my plans for this weekend since my husband will be working all weekend. Good luck with blog. Nice start so far!

April said...

What a great blog! I can't wait to see what all you come up with. I do have a questions though, I am in E. TN as well, and it is not mayberry..I wish it was. What part do you live in? Feel free to email me at!