Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas Card Etiquette

Sending Christmas cards is a tricky thing. Who do you send them to? Who don't you send them to? What if you get a card and you didn't send them one? What if you send a card and don't get one in return? I have asked myself these questions before and I have found a system that works for me. I hope it can work for you too!

Start early!

Start signing and addressing your cards now, (most of ours are done by now), this will help you alleviate 1 more thing you have to do during the holidays.

Send them before the holiday rush.

I send our Christmas cards the day before Thanksgiving. Most of my cards, the local ones at least, are then received the day after Thanksgiving.

Keep a tally.

To some Christmas cards are very important and when you get "cut" off the recipient list it isn't a good thing. For some Christmas cards aren't really a big deal, its just something else for them to do during the holidays. Keeping a tally of who you sent a card to and who sent you a card will help you "weed" through your long list of recipients.

Stick to your tally sheet!

Only sending cards to those who care to exchange cards with you will not only save you time and money, but for some it will be relieving. Some people feel pressure to get a card out to anyone who sent them one, but they really don't have the money or time to do so. Give them a break!

So here is your to do list:

1.Start signing & addressing those cards

(quick tip-don't seal them yet-you may choose to include something at the last minute-leave the door open!)

2.Start a tally sheet.

You can do this in excel, word, or simply on a piece of paper. I like to have 3 rows-name & address/sent card/received card. When you receive a card don't forget to put a little check mark under receive. If you receive a card from someone you didn't send a card to, just add them to the list and quickly send them one back!

3.Buy your holiday stamps.

Post offices are selling these now, or you can buy them online at Getting this done now really takes another thing off your plate during this busy season.

4. Relax! You are ready for the holidays!


Susie said...

Great tips:-)

Julie said...

Great tips. This will be our first year sending out cards and I will keep all this in mind.

Shelia said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm so glad you came to sit at my table this morning.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Carrie said...

Wonderful tutorial on dealing with Christmas greeting cards. I have lists going back a number of years. Also, since I purchase boxes of cards (mostly with nativity theme), I will put which card design I sent the person. That way next year I don't send them the same card again!
Thanks for stopping come again soon.

kari said...

Good tips, thanks!

The Munns said...

Great tips! I used your ideas to get my Christmas card address done today. I also linked to your blog post, so others can use your idea, too.

Anonymous said...

I am all for cutting down my Christmas card list, but what about family? I have some aunts, uncles, and cousins that never send cards. Some are just getting old and not sending any more, however some are very capable. Anyway do I cut family from my list. I am very are getting expensive to send. Thanks

brettinsky said...

Family is difficult. In my case though I have had family members feel bad when I sent them a card because they hadn't sent me one. So my thinking still remains if you don't send me one your are probably not going to get one from me. I would cut your list. People will not complain that they didn't get a card from you when they didn't send you one!

Marina said...

My husband and I got married this spring. We have two children each from previous marriages. After my divorce, I went back to my maiden name, and I kept it when we got married. My children, of course, have their father's last name. In all we have three different last names in our blended family. We bought picture cards with all 6 of us on it and signed it "From (all of our first names)". How do we write our names on the return address?

brettinsky said...

Marina-I would either put your husbands name or your husbands name and your name.

Or, if you are sending a card to someone who knows your kids I would put it from them. They will thinnk that is super cute!

Have fun & Merry Christmas!