Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Recap w/Cookie Exchange/Monday Gameplan/Best Tip of the Day!

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was wonderful! Friday I finished my list and began preparing for my cookie exchange party. Saturday morning my husband helped me clean-love his heart! Saturday night was our cookie exchange party!

We had around the same number of people as the year before. (this is my 3rd year hosting) We had 9 guests, which is a great number. I never want to have more than 15. When I hit 15 I will stop inviting new guests. The party lasted about the same amount of time, typically 3 1/2-4 hours. We love to talk! Everyone made 4 dozen cookies. Most cookie exchange parties ask you to bake 1 dozen per guest, this seems like alot to me and alot for my guests. Next year I will up it to 5 dozen, I upped it a dozen this year and it was great, but then I think I will keep it at that. There were prizes for best tasting, best looking, and most creative (a santa cookie platter). I also have a couple cheesy Christmas games so that everyone will win something (a christmas candle holder). If any of you want to throw a cookie exchange this next year or are already throwing one this year and you have questions please let me know! I have games, menu's, etc that I can send your way!

The party was great, even better than last year. Now we all have several dozen cookies ready for all of our holiday parties! A party that helps you be more organized-can it get better?

Sunday was our Cantata at church and they did a wonderful job, it really gets you in the Christmas mood!

Monday Gameplan

Great news! If you have followed along with my blog you should know that we are ready! I have nothing to buy, nothing to wrap, nothing to bake, and nothing to decorate! I am finished! So tonight, I will swing by Walgreens and get a movie from RedBox and enjoy my night off!

Everyday To Do's
  • 1 load of laundry
  • make dinner & pack our lunches

Seriously, I have hit my overall goal. I wanted to enjoy Christmas and not collapse on Christmas Eve. I think I have made it!

There are a couple gifts yet to arrive from online shopping so I will need to wrap those when they come. All of our stocking stuffers are ready to go. QuickTip: As you buy little stocking stuffers throughout the year keep them in a gift bag that is readily accesible. This way you can take stock of what you need and don't need. I have bought all of our gift exchange, office christmas parties, gifts and wrapped them labeled to "my husbands work" or to "my work". QuickTip:Everyone has parties where you have to buy a generic gift. Buy these on sale throughout the year and just wrap them with a tag saying what party they go to. This will keep you from having to run out and buy something last minute. My freezer is stuffed to the rim with cookies and candies. Our house is organized and clean. QuickTip: Baking a cookie or making a type of candy each night a week or two before Christmas will only take an hour out of your day, but it will save you from the everpresent crazy baking power day right before Christmas.

Saturday is our "Open House" Christmas Party for friends, family, and neighbors. I will keep you updated as to how this goes.

Best Tip of the Day!

I always check and usually the tips are things I already have done or don't need to do. But I found a tip that I have never thought of, but one that I think is genius!

Gifts are piling up beneath the tree, and Santa's ready to roll: time to prepare a Christmas morning basket!
The concept is simple: gather the tools and supplies you'll need to open Christmas gifts and put them in a basket, gift bag or gift box beneath the tree.
Include items like scissors, box cutter, notepad and pen (for recording "gifts received"), camera or videocam, trash bags, zipper food storage bags (for bundling small pieces so they're not lost) and extra batteries.
Add a Santa hat for a fun touch: she who wears the hat, passes out the presents!


salmagundi said...

Thanks for the tips - I really am going to try harder next year to buy gifts when I see them - not when I need them. Sally

Terri and Bob said...

Congrats on being ready for Christmas! That is really exciting. I would love to know the games you play at your exchange. I am having one Wednesday at school.

Bo said... are a marvel...and thank you for your many ideas & tips! ;-) Bo

White Iris Designs said...

Your trees are great!! Thanks for your participation! Check back to see the other trees.

Talia said...

hey! i would love your info on your cookie exchange. i am thinking that it would be a fun thing to start while we are here in raleigh for a few years. thanks a bunch!

The Muse said...

Excellent battle plan, (ahem, I mean tips!) LOL

The Cookie Girl said...

Just visiting from White Iris to see your Christmas Tree(s) They are are beautiful. Don't you just love Christmas?
I have always wanted to do a cookie exchange but seems that most of my friends don't quite get it. How did you get started doing it?

ceekay said...

Hi...I will have a Trim the Tree tomorrow! Yeah, I am all ready for Christmas. And I love it!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Great tips, Brett! Sounds like your cookie party was a hit! Please include me again this week in Trim the Tree Thursday.