Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Back On The Wagon!

Well, thanks to theraflu and God's good grace I am starting to feel better. My head still hurts, nose is running and stopped up, and my throat not only sounds like death but it feels like it too. The good news, great news really, is that my body doesn't hurt and I am not nearly as tired! I needed my energy back!

Today's To-Do's
Return 2 items to Kohl's and spend Kohl's cash Quick Tip-Make sure you have a few items of clothing that are Christmas Party Perfect! Already having these items in your brain and ready for the event will take off the stress of looking in your closet and finding nothing to wear 30min before the event.

Buy Aunt Marie a sweater with Kohl's cash

Go to Dick's Sporting Goods and buy Cousin Chris a toboggan

Go to Earth Fair and buy buckwheat flour (Cousin Chris wants that too)

Put lights on banister garland (thank you tttt participants for making me go the extra mile)

Finish Laundry

Wrap gifts that I buy (all gifts-I'm talking every single last gift is wrapped!!!) Quick Tip-Don't put it off! I can say this over and over again and some of you will still have a marathon session on Christmas Eve. Spend 5min when you get home wrapping gifts, this will help you enjoy the task instead of dreading it!

Clean Bathrooms

Make dessert for Sunday Church Christmas Dinner

Make wreath that Brat Girl made for Saturdays birthday party gift

I think that's enough for tonight!

Our Weekend:
Tomorrow I have an Open House to go to and trust me I will take pictures. They make my 7 trees look like cake! They put up 12 trees, you heard it 12 trees!

Then we have a birthday party to attend. Sunday is our church Christmas Dinner.

Throw in some Christmas movies and hot tea and our weekend will be grand!

Last Christmas To Do's:
Buy 3 gift cards-I purposely wait on these, just in case I change my mind or something happens.
Buy 2 gifts for people who my husband has to pick them out-not my fault!
Hang outdoor wreaths on upstairs windows (my husband had a marathon night this week and finished all of our outdoor decor except for these-he wouldn't let me help because I was sick-he is too good to me!)

Only have 5min? Finish your Christmas cards and wrap a couple gifts. If you have followed my lead and all of these are done finish any craft project you have started. All craft projects should be finished by this weekend.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Terri and Bob said...

Girl, you accomplished more sick than I do well.... amazing woman you are! I hope you continue to feel better and better.

BRAT girl said...

I wish I was that motivated and I'm feeling fine...just lazy! Have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. A relaxing Christmas Eve should be your reward for all these preparations.

Royaltouch said...

Feel better, had that in Nov. and I still did things too but it can knock you down for sure.