Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday Recap-Wednesday Gameplan-Anyone Decorating for Valentines Day?

Tuesday Recap

Our plate is still overflowing it is so full! We still have a house guest, my boss and his wife our office manager just left town and will be gone for a couple weeks leaving me to hold down the fort, we are refinancing, etc. etc. etc.!

Yesterday I made lasagna-check out Bob's Awesome Lasagna @
My favorite lasagna-it is super easy too! Quicktip-I didn't boil the noodles-if you don't boil them just give them some extra time in the oven. This takes about 15 minutes off the prep time and makes it easier to put together.

The only other thing I got started, I can't even say got finished, was cleaning up my craft desk in the blue room. I wrapped Valentines Day gifts and St. Patricks Day gifts (yes my family loves holidays). I need to finish the projects on my desk or just pack them away-hopefully today. Quicktip-If you buy gifts in advance, make sure you don't over give. When items are on sale, I mean a great sale, I always buy more than I need for the coming year. This way I am already prepared for the next year! Just make sure you don't give them everything you bought, keep the extras you bought for the next holiday!

Wednesday Gameplan

  • Clean off craft table
  • Mail Valentines gifts and cards to out of towners
  • 1 load of laundry
  • put up dishes and clean kitchen
This would all be doable if we didn't have our pre-inspection inspection. LOL! As I have said before we are refinancing. Well, we currently have a conventional loan, but the FHA rates are so low right now that we are going with an FHA loan. Only one issue, the FHA inspection is intense and we live in an early 1900's home! So a good friend of mine and her real estate partner are coming over to give me a pre-inspection inspection. They are supposed to come over today so I still need to do a good once over of the whole house.

Anyone Decorate for Valentines Day?

Tomorrow is Trim the Tree Thursday and I will finally be posting my Valentines Day decor. Anyone else decorate? This is the one time of the year where red and pink can go together! Where you can put hearts and roses everywhere and not get yelled at! If you want to join tomorrows post just let me know!


Terri and Bob said...

I have decorated already! Couldn't wait! Can't wait to see yours!

ceekay said...

Good luck with the refinancing! I decorate a little bit, and I have started...but life keeps getting in the way!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I won't start my Valentines decor until Monday but I have last year's decorations in a post, ready to go for tomorrow.

Carrie said...

Say Brett,
What do you think about re-naming the meme Trim-a-Home Thursday. Perhaps a mosaic of various holidays would be good for the graphic on a new web button, to take the place of the Christmas tree photo.
Just a suggestion,

Miss Janice said...

I didn't do any decorating for V-day yet...I'm still trying to adjust to my new home and unpack. Good luck with the inspection--just did all that!