Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Year+ Sabbatical is Over-Thank You Lent

I have been taking a blogging sabbatical now for over a year. I love blogging, I just got so overwhelmed. I am a people please-er and I didn't have time to visit everyone's blog and read and comment. I also didn't have time to make sure I always had a blog up, I made it more than it needed to be and therefore it became a chore. So, I am back, please don't be offended if I don't always post and if I don't always comment and thank you for your comment. I really do appreciate it! Trust me, I am encouragement driven! I eat those comments right up!

Now, after reading Ann Voskamp's blog entry on Lent I was excited! I wanted to be a part of it! I didn't want to miss out on God's blessing!

So next came the prayer, "What do you want me to give up?" The answer was very quick, my mask. Just typing that sentence made me stop in my tracks and my cheeks turn red. It is so so scary for me to be transparent. I like my mask, it's comfortable and easy, it keeps everyone happy, and it rarely scares me. It also keeps me from God. It keeps me from blessing others and causes me to miss out on God's blessing!

Lent-for me-a mask lost.

This will cause me to give more, serve more, love more, and I know it will cause me to receive more.

A mask gone-my kitchen floor is disgusting. Today Molly had been digging before I brought her in and with all the rain we've gotten this means my kitchen floor is disgusting! I also have mud on my very white new running shoes and on my "new to me" khakis. I wore it all anyway, the mask (perceived perfection) is coming off!

To Do Today:
  • Clean my nasty downstairs floors-sweep & mop
  • Load the car with the huge pile that was our purging weekend (this will clean up our porch so we don't look like hoarders)
  • Bake a loaf of bread (I stink at this, and I am a good cook and baker! I have only used my bread machine twice now, but I will master this!)
  • Clean bathrooms (yep, it's been a couple weeks, this is supposed to be a weekly task)

Ok, now to hit "Publish Post", can I really take that mask fully off and leave it off? The cheeks are reddening, the breathing quickened. "Lord, this is my lent sacrifice, you know more than anyone what a sacrifice this is."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's November!

First Christmas movie of the season-check!

Played first Christmas cd of the season-check!

Brought first tub of decorations up from the basement-check!

It's time ladies!

My goals will be a bit different this year as my life has changed quite a bit since last year. I hurt my back and therefore I can't lift anything so I am relying on my husband more than ever to help with the holidays. So far he has brought up 3 tubs from the basement with holiday decor. I am proud of him for that.

We have Molly, who is a great dog actually, but she is only 5 months old and she is 45 pounds. She acts 5 months old and she just doesn't know how big she is. We aren't having a TN Thanksgiving at our house because we sold our dining room table (story below) and Molly might not be able to handle it just yet. We always do our TN Thanksgiving early in November anyway because everyone is so busy and so many in my family go out of town. I think this year, if I host, I will host it at the camp in the Pathway Cabin. We do this for Christmas for my side of the family so it will be normal, and easy on the parking and setup and cleanup and all that.

I sold my dining room table. I found a set I really liked on Craigslist and my husband told me I should sell ours before we bought a new one. So, like the good wifey I listed ours. I listed it for more than we paid for it being a bit ambitious, and also not wanting to really sell it until I was sure about the other set. Well, we didn't like the other set. We did sell ours first, and for full asking price! I am not buying a new set before Christmas. So, my dining room will get a larger Christmas tree and a 9ft folding table set up as a buffet for all parties. Perfect for mingling, only.

Here are a few things I have done to prepare for the holidays so I don't stress out. I refuse to have a stressful holiday!

Organize your "holiday" recipes-having these ready to go will save you the hunting time later

Address your Christmas cards
-buy the Christmas stamps now and get them addressed while you still have time.

Mentally plan your decorating-I have a mental plan of what tree goes where, what room I am starting in first, and so on.

Have a great day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A productive day! A rarity since Molly came along!

Yesterday I got a ton done! I have figured out that I can work from the kitchen or dining room as soon as I come home until dinner quite easily. Molly lays and waits until she gets to eat! So she watches me from about 4:30-6:30 in anticipation!

So I took advantage of this time yesterday! I made baked spaghetti w/chopped broccoli, lima beans, corn on the cob, cheesy rice, hashbrown casserole, and strawberry jello. We should have enough food for a few days now, LOL! Our laundry room is in the mudroom beside our kitchen so I also got all of our fall towels washed and dried, new bedding washed and dried, and a load of towels and cleaning rags. I was so excited! I felt productive again!

And yes, you read right, I washed my fall towels. I know it's a bit early, even for me, but I am having a yardsale soon and I wanted to at least get through all of my fall/halloween/thanksgiving decor before the sale.

Our home is also decorated for fall already, not the outside though, we can't be tacky! We usually decorate September 1st but we aren't having any parties between now and then so I took advantage of Molly's "waiting" on Tuesday and got everything out. Thank goodness our basement door is in the dining room. I store all holiday decor down there so this fall and winter should be easy with her!

So last week I urged all of you to make your fall/winter calendars, did you finish? We finished ours and are ready to go! All of our parties are scheduled and our decorating times are penciled in, and I am so excited! Soon I will be pulling out the Christmas cards and getting them ready, I would like to have them finished before Halloween this year. I mail them out 2 days before Thanksgiving so people usually get them the day before or after.

QuickTip: Take advantage of that stamp! Mailing costs are getting more and more expensive so think smart. When mailing a Christmas card include an invitation to your upcoming party! Don't waste 2 stamps when 1 is sufficient.

Today I would like to:
  • Organize my kitchen cupboard (this always get's messed up!)
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Finish 1 load of laundry
I can do that in 2 hours, no problem!

I do hope the rain stays away for a little while so we go walking. Yesterday we walked in the rain-not fun!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Back!!!

I took a long leave of absence from the blog world due to a busy work schedule and a very busy life. Everything should be a little slower now!

I feel like I should catch you up-we now have a puppy, little Molly. She is a great pyrenees, translation, BIG white bear! She is 10 weeks old and 17 pounds, she is growing quickly. So my life has changed a little bit. I can't get quite as much done as I would like because I have a puppy following me around everywhere. The good news is that since we got the puppy my husband has gotten into work mode! I have gotten a new back door, a new entry table, and my buffet is next! Nothing like an addition to the family to give your husband a swift kick in the rear!

Tuesday Gameplan

To Do's
  1. put the sheets on the guest room beds (they have been waiting for me for a few days now)
  2. start cleaning laundry/mud room (this is the room where hubby is putting in the new door and a new cat door)
  3. make dinner (I buy in bulk from a local food distributor so I get a great deal. When I make chicken breasts I make at least 15 at a time-giving us both lunch for the week and dinner.)
  4. Start on Fall/Winter Event Calendar (you know I'm in a family with last minute people-so I have to plan plan plan!)
That should do it today! I can't get near as much done with Molly, but maybe I will get in shape!

Quick Tip: Make a calendar well in advance for the holidays. You know the fall and winter are some of our most busy times. With all the parties and decorating, it can be overwhelming. Make a calendar with all of your parties and family get togethers then look and see what you have time for. Loosely schedule in your decorating, wrapping, cooking, etc. times so you can see where you have extra time and where you need to do some "trimming".

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am taking a leave of absence

As much as I love blogging and have loved getting to know you guys, I just simply don't have time. This is our busiest time of the year at work and I dropping the ball with the blog.

I will post from time to time and will definitely pick back up in the fall. Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trim A Home Tuesday #2

Welcome to Trim A Home Tuesday!

Please check the comments on this post to see who is joining us!

Today I am sharing only 1 pic! (I left my camera in my car last night and when I got it this morning to take pics-only 1 turned out-they were so so foggy from the condensation!-lets hope it clears up)

I am sharing my St. Patricks Day dining room table. It isn't finished and I have a few questions. I only have 4 placemats & 4 napkins. My table seats 6 and must seat 6. If you look at the pic I have put the placemats randomly under the chargers. (my colors will be green and gold) I have also put 2 napkins under 2 of the chargers-what do you think? I also have 4 napkin rings and I have put them here and there-can you see them? Is this tacky or cute? Do like all the little leprechauns, or is it too much?

Thanks for sharing!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trim A Home Tuesday!

Welcome to Trim A Home Tuesday!

Please check out the comments and visit all the blogs with their beutiful decor!

I am posting the last of my Valentines Day decor, enjoy!