Friday, August 21, 2009

A productive day! A rarity since Molly came along!

Yesterday I got a ton done! I have figured out that I can work from the kitchen or dining room as soon as I come home until dinner quite easily. Molly lays and waits until she gets to eat! So she watches me from about 4:30-6:30 in anticipation!

So I took advantage of this time yesterday! I made baked spaghetti w/chopped broccoli, lima beans, corn on the cob, cheesy rice, hashbrown casserole, and strawberry jello. We should have enough food for a few days now, LOL! Our laundry room is in the mudroom beside our kitchen so I also got all of our fall towels washed and dried, new bedding washed and dried, and a load of towels and cleaning rags. I was so excited! I felt productive again!

And yes, you read right, I washed my fall towels. I know it's a bit early, even for me, but I am having a yardsale soon and I wanted to at least get through all of my fall/halloween/thanksgiving decor before the sale.

Our home is also decorated for fall already, not the outside though, we can't be tacky! We usually decorate September 1st but we aren't having any parties between now and then so I took advantage of Molly's "waiting" on Tuesday and got everything out. Thank goodness our basement door is in the dining room. I store all holiday decor down there so this fall and winter should be easy with her!

So last week I urged all of you to make your fall/winter calendars, did you finish? We finished ours and are ready to go! All of our parties are scheduled and our decorating times are penciled in, and I am so excited! Soon I will be pulling out the Christmas cards and getting them ready, I would like to have them finished before Halloween this year. I mail them out 2 days before Thanksgiving so people usually get them the day before or after.

QuickTip: Take advantage of that stamp! Mailing costs are getting more and more expensive so think smart. When mailing a Christmas card include an invitation to your upcoming party! Don't waste 2 stamps when 1 is sufficient.

Today I would like to:
  • Organize my kitchen cupboard (this always get's messed up!)
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Finish 1 load of laundry
I can do that in 2 hours, no problem!

I do hope the rain stays away for a little while so we go walking. Yesterday we walked in the rain-not fun!

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