Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trim A Home Tuesday #2

Welcome to Trim A Home Tuesday!

Please check the comments on this post to see who is joining us!

Today I am sharing only 1 pic! (I left my camera in my car last night and when I got it this morning to take pics-only 1 turned out-they were so so foggy from the condensation!-lets hope it clears up)

I am sharing my St. Patricks Day dining room table. It isn't finished and I have a few questions. I only have 4 placemats & 4 napkins. My table seats 6 and must seat 6. If you look at the pic I have put the placemats randomly under the chargers. (my colors will be green and gold) I have also put 2 napkins under 2 of the chargers-what do you think? I also have 4 napkin rings and I have put them here and there-can you see them? Is this tacky or cute? Do like all the little leprechauns, or is it too much?

Thanks for sharing!


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Brett, when I do a 6top table w/ only 4 pieces of something, I do the heads of the table differently & all the other placesettings the same. I think it helps w/ continuity & balance.

I love your little leprechauns & think they look great on the table!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Brett, ;)

I love your festive table setting.
I agree with Cami about the placemats placement.

Beautifully done!
~Melissa :)

Miss Janice said...

I love the placemats and the napkins...too cute! Since the hostess and host sits at the head of the table, you might make their place setting different and use your irish linens at the other four settings for your guests. Just an idea...